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Faculty Position Open

Environmental Studies

The OE is currently seeking to fill a faculty position in Environmental Studies.  For a full description of the opening, go here.

The Oregon Extension Is Taking a Sabbatical

A year to recalibrate

Students who have studied at the OE  over the past few years tell us they yearn for guidance in how to shape their lives in ways that sustain the planet and their communities. We help in this quest, but we can do more. We intend to use the coming year to become a place and faculty better outfitted to provide for this aspiration.  While the curriculum is still to be determined, it will be a combination of longstanding OE academic heavy lifting with hands-on engagement in a variety of environmental practices and technologies.

Over the year we will consult with former students, academics, neighbors, and craftspeople to create a college semester that balances the liberal arts with sustainable living. Many colleges attempt this, but we know that we can get our hands dirty in ways that aren’t possible on other campuses given our southern Oregon forest location, already living off of many grids. The OE is a place that lends itself to imagining things over from scratch.

We will have a new kind of semester up and running in fall 2017. Stay tuned!

For a fuller reflection on what has gone into entering this sabbatical year, go here.

What is the Oregon Extension?

The Oregon Extension offers a fall semester of accredited college studies for the student who wants a more down to earth, honest, lively and deeply engaged learning experience in an intentional community setting – the student who does not want to say, on graduation day, “It happened so fast.  I know a lot of things, but I’m not clear on why they matter or what I can do about any of it.”  Settle into our mountain hideaway in the southern Oregon Cascades for a four-month conversation with professors and peers who love to read books, ask big questions, and confront big ideasMove out of the current where you can think about issues that tug at you, cultivate friendships, feel the touch of the breeze in the forest, listen to the stream in the canyon, and reach some understanding about what things mean and why they are worth caring about. Explore this unique alternative semester for Christian college students and other honest seekers.

PHOTOS: View photos from Fall 2013Fall 2012 and from previous semesters at the Oregon Extension on Flickr.

The Oregon Extension operates under the oversight of the non-profit organization, Greensprings Learning Community (GLC).  Oregon Extension credit is granted by Eastern Mennonite University of Harrisonburg, VA, which is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 

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