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The full-time OE faculty, listed below, live with their families in the small community of Lincoln, a place professors and staff have made a home since the late 1970s.  We welcome students to join us here for a season, to unclutter their lives, read some good books, and find a more elementary connection to what makes up the “good life.”  


Heidi Gehman


Heidi (OE ‘87, Ph.D. University of Chicago) returned to the woods of Oregon by way of a long journey that carried her to India, Guatemala, Germany, and, eventually, Connecticut—travels that were interrupted by long years in graduate school.  Her teaching is in the areas of philosophical and religious ethics.  An avid runner and wilderness enthusiast, Heidi will take you on the local running trails, and hopefully will lead a killer backpack trip!  In her spare time, she loves to cook and hang out with her two sons.


Kelton Cobb

tcobb@oregonextension.orgKelton Cobb

Kelton (Tad) (OE ‘80, Ph.D. University of Iowa) joined the faculty of the Oregon Extension in the fall of 2011.  He has taught Christian theology, church history, and comparative religions at several colleges and for fifteen years at Hartford Seminary.  He grew up in Colorado, but has led an itinerant academic life in Oregon, New Jersey, Iowa, Germany, and Connecticut. He has published one book called The Blackwell Guide to Theology and Popular Culture, and is currently interested in how Christianity has learned, with great difficulty, to be moral through the hard lessons of its darkest hours.  He lives at Lincoln with his two sons.

Rebecca (Becky) Cecala


Picture 3Becky (Ph.D. Candidate, Penn State Harrisburg) is a visiting professor at the OE in fall 2015. Becky has always been interested in humans’ relationship to the natural world, which she has explored through academic pursuits in biology, theology, and most recently, American Studies. Along the way she’s developed interests in the relationship between science and American culture, religion and popular culture, and the roles of women in science and religion. Becky has been told for years by friends that she would enjoy the Pacific Northwest, and is looking forward to hiking and bird-watching (along with lots of reading!) at the OE.

John Linton


John LintonJohn teaches Bible, theology, and philosophy. He reads Greek, Hebrew and French. John studied chemistry and philosophy in college, but he earned his doctorate in Hebrew and Semitic studies because he wants to understand the Bible. John often lectures on difficult biblical texts or theological themes, but his best work probably occurs late at night. Students stop by his house to share a cup of tea and talk about their faith, and often find themselves exploring refreshing new ways to read the Bible. His wife, Nancy, has also taught at the OE and currently serves as campus chaplain.


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