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Fees and Financial Aid 

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  • For students attending while enrolled in a home school: Each home college or university has its own OE-related fee structure. Most colleges allow their financial aid to apply for at least one semester of off-campus study.
  • For students attending independently: Students who have withdrawn from their home school or are attending on their own pay fees that are set by the OE itself. These fees change from year to year, but generally fall into the lower range of private college costs.
  • Non-tuition costs: Students do not pay board fees to the OE, but purchase their groceries at the supermarkets in Ashland. This amounts to a substantial savings over college dining hall plans. Textbook fees amount to about $200.
  • Financial aid: In addition to the $2000 stipend that will be provided to every Fall 2016 OE student, students can apply for need-based grants and loans from the OE.   OE alumni have donated funds for financial aid, to be used particularly for students losing their own college or university aid when attending the OE. These funds are awarded on a case-by-case basis, depending on need.

We will gladly discuss the fee structure with students by phone (1-800-801-OREX) or email. After a student has applied to and been accepted by the OE, we work with each individual and the appropriate on-campus officials to resolve fee and financial aid issues.


Oregon Extension credit is granted by Eastern Mennonite University of Harrisonburg, VA, which is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.


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