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Debbie Blue (Oregon Extension 1985) featured in Image Journal

Image Journal Issue #61 features sermons from former student and current pastor Debbie Blue. We invite you to visit Image’s blog to get a taste of her gritty, poetic writing, or head on over to The House of Mercy for some mp3 downloads.

Concerning her experience at the Oregon Extension, Debbie writes:

“I had always been a consciencious student, able to get A’s and turn things in on time but until the OE I had never really learned to roam freely in my mind. The professors weren’t feeding us the pre-packaged, the well rehearsed, the preconceived (they weren’t striving to make tenure or sell their ideas). It seemed to me that they were hoping to free us to form honest, penetrating questions—one’s that had been languishing about in the cracks and corners of our minds and hearts, our histories and bodies.

We also roamed physically: the desert, the wilderness, San Francisco. There was nothing in my education at Wheaton or Yale Divinity School that quite matched the vivacity and honesty of my education at the OE. I still live in community with friends I met there, and am grateful, daily, in my role as a minister, for the way I learned to engage with the Biblical text. I wouldn’t have considered working for the church if it weren’t for the possibility the OE opened up for a lively and bumbling sort of faith.”

–Debbie Blue, OE 1985, pastor at House of Mercy, author of Sensual Orthodoxy and From Stone to Living Word.

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